Cake MonsterMonstre Glouton

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Watch out, there's a cake monster about! Designed with education in mind, Cake Monster encourages counting and number recognition in a fun way. Featuring double-sided boards with two ways to play, both for younger and more advanced players.

The aim of the first game is to fill your cake stand with different cakes between 1 and 10 by counting the toppings. Spin the number spinner, count the toppings and pick which you think is the correct cake! However, there is an added twist to the game...if your card shows the cake monster on the back you must feed it to the hungry cake monster rather than keeping it for your board! In the more advanced game, players must try and get rid of their cakes the fastest by matching the number of toppings to the number on the spinner and feeding them to the cake monster! The game includes a cake reference board for extra help if needed.

Children will love the inclusion of tasty cakes and the crazy cake monster, who help to make counting fun for children! The game is also very fast-paced and can change very quickly, keeping children excited and engaged throughout.

Contents : 

  • 40 shaped cake cards (double sided)
  • 4 cake stand boards (double sided)
  • 1 3D Cake Monster (Monster face and two leg pieces)
  • 1 spinner
  • 1 cake reference board (in two pieces)
  • 1 instruction leaflet

    Number of players : 2-4 players

    Manufacturer's recommended age : 3 and up 

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    Recueillez des cartes gâteaux et comptez, pour remplir votre présentoir. Gare au Monstre glouton! Faudra-t-il le nourrir ou pourrez-vous garder vos gâteaux ?

    Deux façons amusantes de jouer, tout en apprenant les chiffres jusqu'à 10.

    Inclut :  

  • 40 cartes « gâteau » double face
  • 4 cartes « support à gâteaux » double face
  • 1 carte de monstre Glouton qui se tient debout
  • 1 flèche tournante
  • 1 carte de référence des gâteaux
  • instructions multilingues

    Nombre de joueurs : 2 à 4 joueurs

    Âge recommandé par le fabricant : 3 ans et plus

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